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Equiderma Neem and Aloe Conditioner

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Made with 100% active ingredients starting with a base of neem leaf tea –  our powerful Ayurvedic based formulation is more than just a traditional cleansing shampoo. Designed to improve the condition of the skin without stripping the natural oils essential for a shiny, glossy, healthy coat.

Use our neem shampoo to calm hives, soothe sweet itch and insect bite hypersensitivity, control mites in feather, and to inhibit the growth of bacterial, fungal and dermatophyte based skin issues. Use as part of your regular grooming regimen or as part of our system to attack skin problems. This seven course meal for your horse’s skin deeply nourishes and protects and imparts a long lasting shine.

Rinses away quickly in one pass.

32 ounce