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The top 10 things you need in your tack room.

If you're an equestrian, then you know that having the right tack is essential to success in the saddle. A well-stocked tack room is a necessity for any horse rider, and there are some essentials that no rider should be without. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 things every equestrian needs in their tack room!


The most important things to have on hand:

  1. Grooming Kit: a stiff brush, a soft brush and shedding tool or curry and a hoof pick should get your started right. You'll want a grooming bag or box to make it easy to organize and carry these essential items to wherever you tie your horse.
  2. Halter and lead rope: we recommend a breakaway or leather halter as the safest type in the event your horse pulls back or spooks while tied. Breakaways come with an easy to replace part that gives with too much pressure. This will help keep your horse safe from injury.
  3. Saddle: When it comes to saddles and we have to emphasize getting expert advice regarding the kind of riding you want to do, the size and shape of your horse and your own size and shape. Getting all of these things right will save time and energy while making your riding life as safe and fun for all involved including your equine partner.
  4. Saddle Pad: This is another important piece of equipment you'll want to choose with care depending on your saddle type, horse type and riding type. Once you know what you need you can start shopping for what you want like fun colors.
  5. Bridle: There are a wide variety of bridles to choose from and experts come in handy here too. Ask your trainer or coach. (A trainer or coach is also vital for new riders and horse owners). Feel free to reach out to us here at Barn Dog Tack to help guide you if you need help.
  6. Bit: There are as many kinds of bits on the market as there are horses in the world. Check with your coach or trainer or give us a call here at Barn Dog Tack and we'll help guide you.
  7. Blanket: If you live in a climate that's cold, even some of the time, your horse may benefit from a blanket for those frosty days and nights. It's best to buy a blanket before you need it and we recommend getting something mid-weight that's also water proof.
  8. Bathing Gear: A big bucket, a scrubber, a big sponge, shampoo and conditioner. There are a lot of options on the market, but we have a few recommendations here.
  9. First Aid Kit for Humans: something simple with bandaids and antibiotic ointment and wound cleaner is the minimum you should have in your tack room.
  10. First Aid Kit for Horses: Thermometer, Betadine Scrub, Wound Cream, Thrush Care Medicine, Vetwrap, standing wraps/cottons and non-stick pads are among the basics.

Over time you will probably accumulate a lot more, but this list is a very good place to start.