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Your First Horse Riding Lesson: 6 things you need.

Getting ready to take your first riding lesson is similar to preparing for other outdoor sports and activities. It helps to have the right equipment for both safety and comfort around horses.

Riding is a great way to spend your time because horses take people away from screens and everyday stress by taking you outside into nature with a built-in friend and partner. It’s a fantastic way to exercise while having fun, slowing down, and spending time with beautiful animals. 

We understand that starting any new activity can be a bit daunting at first, but beginning the journey with horses is easy if you have the right equipment and a good coach.

Here are six simple tips to prepare for your first lesson:

1.  Buy a good helmet.

Helmets should be ASTM certified for equestrian use, at the very least. For a longer explanation of why helmets are important for horse riding safety, click here. Bike helmets are not a safe alternative. Here are a few options we offer.

 2.  Wear a boot with a low heel

Pick a boot designed for riding. They will be more comfortable and will help you keep your foot safely in the stirrup. Check them out here.

3.  Wear riding gloves. 

Gloves help you hang onto the reins, avoid injuries and protect your hands from the sun. Click here for examples.

4.  Wear pants designed for the kind of riding you are doing. 

For many kinds of horse riding, jeans are perfectly fine, but if you want to be comfortable, stick to the saddle and avoid chafing from the seams, or the stirrup leathers, we recommend riding tights or breeches. Riding tights are the yoga pants of the equestrian world. Here are some options. 

5.  Wear a good UV protective shirt designed for the weather.

Athletic wear designed with equestrians in mind is the most comfortable and protective when it comes to the elements. It’s super important to be as comfortable as possible while learning a new skill, whether we are talking about children or adults. Here are some options that are protective, stylish, and fun.

6.   Bring a treat for the teacher.

And by the teacher, we mean that sweet lesson horse that starts you on this new adventure, because great lesson horses teach you about riding. Lesson horses are the most precious animals in the herd as a good one will sense what you need to be successful and adjust to their rider as necessary. They deserve a nice tip after giving you their best. Good treats include carrots, apples and peppermints.

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