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Our own love story with horses.

Connection is everything, the rest is just tricks and equitation - Carolyn West


Our story is built on love, gratitude, sharing and girl power. 

Never too late...

  • Love: of horses, and the full range of equestrian life. 

  • Gratitude: for our equine partners. 

  • Sharing: our challenges, ideas and experience with our barn family and equestrian community. 

  • Girl Power: because horses grow tough girls into powerful women.

At a time when women couldn’t get a credit card, serve on a jury, or be admitted to an ivy league school my mom introduced her girls to horses. We enjoyed an alternate universe where it was okay for a girl to get dirty, be physically commanding and ride like the wind. They didn’t call us tom boys. They called us horse girls and they were right.

My sister and I became police officers before anyone thought girl cops were cool. 

Horses made it possible to pick a job that didn't welcome women. They taught me to rub dirt in my wounds and get back in the saddle. They taught me self confidence, emotional intelligence and what it means to be a leader. 

Horses show us how to look fear in the eye and offer it a cookie. And best of all, they teach us to problem solve, on the fly, sometimes in the dark and always when we least expect it.

Fast forward to 2020, the year of great change. I needed something to help pay my vet bills (because horses, duh) and there were no jobs. So I combined a 4-horse trailer, a stimulus check and a large dose of hutzpah to open a tiny tack shop at my barn, The Riding Club of Austin. 

In a world dominated by big business and big tech, Barn Dog Tack represents the return of the small local tack shop offering great service, expertise, connection and a warm welcome to beginners and pros alike. We're here to make sure the helmet fits, the breeches are perfect and your horses have all the important things. We aim to retain that feel all the way across the internet.

Like most horse girls, I am also a tack addict. And now I have a tack shop. At my barn. It's the perfect hangout in my favorite place. 

And you, friend, are most welcome to hang out here too. Or reach out if you have a question or need help finding answers to equestrian mysteries or horse challenges. I'm at your service. Let's connect.

 Barn Dog Tack