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Barn Dog Tack' Traveling Tack Shop

The farrier comes to you. The vet comes to you. The chiropractor and body workers come to you. And Barn Dog Tack will come to you.

We will be the local tack shop at your barn at your convenience.

Barn Dog Tack is happy to provide this service free of charge. You only pay for the items you purchase. We offer the same prices you will pay online or in the store for your favorite products.

Any item available on our website is also available for pre-purchase and delivery on shopping day. Orders over $100 are available for next day delivery.

Book a visit from the shop for your barn and get 10% off across the board for the first visit and 5% discount for future visits and all online orders.

Support your very own local tack shop. Order online and book the shop today.

Some items available for this program only:


Fly/Pest Management

Horse Health