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What is a Horse Mom? - Barn Dog Tack

What is a Horse Mom?

What’s a horse mom? We are the owners, care givers, leasers, partners and team mates of large, grass eating quadrupeds who own our hearts and minds. 

I’ve titled this blog after a moment that stands out in recent memory. I was telling my trainer Lauren about something my much loved, quirky, backyard bred Holsteiner did and she responded: “I don’t think that’s real. I think that’s more of a horse mom thought.” 

I see my horse through a human lens. And that's okay.

She was referring to our happy tendency to anthropomorphize freely when it comes to our obsession. I see my big, hairy, emotional, drama queen through a human lens that insists on translating his actions through my own human experience and understanding. 

 There are a lot of horse lovers who will criticize this tendency on the part of Horse Moms. So be it. As long as my certainty that his choices and quirks are due to some purely human concern doesn’t interfere with his excellent care, there is no harm in enjoying my own interpretations of his performances. He is mine and this is my horse life.

Horse Mom thoughts are part of the fun..

That said, when Lauren pointed out that I was having horse mom thoughts, I found it both accurate and hilarious. And I feel no shame. Horse Mom thoughts are part of the fun of equestrian life and this part of my life is something as precious to me as anything else in the world I inhabit. And for those of you wondering: yes, my family and friends are aware this is how I am drawn. 

 Speaking of family and friends, there are many who won’t ever understand equestrians and their priority systems. I’ve spent way too many hours over the years trying to figure out how to justify my choices around my equestrian goals. But I no longer feel guilty about my horse life choices. Where I spend my money and time is my business. And understanding that is how I navigate my own path to personal freedom. Those we love should want us to be happy. 

I also chose a husband who loves me just as I am, horses and all. 

Of course, I’m lucky in many ways. I chose a career that paid my bills and that came with a pension that will take care of me for the rest of my life. I also chose a husband who loves me just as I am, horses and all. 

Girls, you can have it all. But figuring out what is enough and what feeds your soul is the thing that matters in my opinion. Spending your hard earned money on things that give you joy is your choice as long as you communicate honestly about it to your partners. 

We have one life to live right now. If you want to fill it with horses, you absolutely should. 

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